5 Oct 2012


I bought this beautiful book two years ago
and felt it was time to finally try the very good explanations.


This basket on the title page is still too complicated for me.

Mine will be easier to make.
I use about 6 m of clothesline and thin red cotton
and start to wrap.
My strips are about 1/2" wide.

I am wrapping and wrapping

and then I am starting to coil very firmly.
Then I sew the cross in the middle with straight stitches
to hold it together -
and I am going on with zig-zag stitches to join the coil
round and round till I feel that it is big enough or the end
of the wrapped clothesline arrived at my sewing machine.

And here is my little red basket with blue-green stripes for more

I will give it to a good friend.
But I will still embellish it with beads - and show it in a future post. 


  1. Wow Anneliese this is gorgeous.

  2. Oh my! That is fantastic. I love it. So simple and yet so complex. I may have to try to make one too. When I have a spare hour or 10! Your friend is very lucky.

  3. You know what....I have this book too! Still haven't created anything from it. Now my fingers are itching.

  4. What a lovely basket! Great way to use scraps.

  5. when I saw the pic I did not have a clue how it was made, well now I know a good old washing line.
    It is a lovely bowl and like the contrast colour you have put in

  6. This is beautiful! What a great project.

  7. thanks for sharing this method. I didn't know it. It is very interesting

  8. You have a lucky friend - this is beautiful.


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