5 Jul 2012

Palestrina stitch

My Palestrina stitches -
A cactus has maybe to do with my present life in a new house and garden. The house has to be renovated, the garden is a jungle and has to be cleared - cats are walking in and out the house, goats are eating the leaves of a spindly raspberry - out came the
Palestrina stitched cactus

This time my colours are really identic -
it seems that my camera likes the green and blue tints
(like me)


  1. Your palestrina stitch is perfect for a cactus, very beautiful made.

  2. This looks wonderful Anneliese! Great idea using the palestrina for a cactus.

  3. I like your green and blue shades too. Perfect for the background to your lovely stitching of the cactus.

  4. This is such a creative way to use the stitch. The background fabric is beautiful. Those wheatear stitches just complete the picture.

  5. Looks wonderful to me Anneliese, gorgeous stitching, perfect background. Hope the new venture is going well. Cheers.

  6. Lovely cactus, the prickles look great. It is a nice picture your camera took. It has a good taste ;)


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