17 May 2012

Featherquilt - finished -

Half a year ago I started this quilt with remnants of little-flower fabrics in blue. I bought the backing, everything else was in my stashes. The broad border is also the backing. It will be good as a throw over a single bed in an old house which is to be renovated in future...
I made an Irish chain pattern and in some of the white patches I stitched fantasy feathers.

To baste it I had to go to the basement on the ping-pong table

And yes, this cupboard in the rear was painted by DH
50 years ago

Then the big work started - the quilting. This quilt  measures 250 x 150 cm
and it was not easy on my household machine
With the help of a special quilting foot the machine could transport
the masses of material
(now I dont know why the writing is in small letters here, I cant get it bigger)

The bulk of material

DH went onto the ladder

and tried to hold it

Here is the whole piece.
Oh, I am glad it is off my table.

Two feathers and there are many more filling the white spaces.

Have also a look at Jude Hill's Feather Project
I have my ideas from her - and  sent her two.

The last photo is a page of an altered book which I am making -
there are not yet many pages


  1. this is a lovely quilt anneliese, and will look great in your new renovation house.

  2. Great job! It looks fabulous, Anneliese.

  3. What a lovely quilt Anneliese, and in a very 'peaceful' blue. Quilting on a domestic sewing machine is not easy, I know. I see we have the same workhorse, exactly - such a gem my 1230 has been!! You are fortunate D will help you prepare your photographs, what a good man!! It is always such a wonderful feeling to finish something like this. Well done.

  4. Great quilt, Anneliese. It will look nice in your 'new' home!

  5. It's huge! You have done well to quilt it on a normal machine. It is very nice, Anneliese, and I am sure it will serve you well in your new house.

  6. Beautiful!It looks gorgeous.

  7. Congratulations on finishing this big quilt! It will look wonderful on the bed!

  8. I love the quilt, Anneliese. The Irish chain has always been a favourite of mine. Well done putting it through your machine and I can understand why you would be thrilled to finally finish it. Love that 'finishing' feeling!!

  9. I just commented and nothing seemed to happen, so if this comes through twice I am sorry. I love your blue Irish chain. That pattern is a favourite of mine. Well done on putting it through your machine and i can understand you being happy with finishing it. Love that 'finishing feeling'!


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