20 Apr 2012

Spider Webs

My Patchwork friends in Germany started to make spider webs - I got contaminated and made just one element. I could not attend our meeting being in our summer house in April where the weather is like in winter. Well, e-mail contact is so good that it is nearly like being there at the table with them, the only exception: the champagne and the lunch and the always terribly good cake.

This very fine spider web - you have to look and search twice - was taken out of the backdoor some time ago in the French Vosges

These curtain spider webs will soon be wiped away because DH is keen to renovate this old house. Of course, the wiping will be my domain.
There will probably be many more lovely weavings to take pictures of.

The stitched spider webs were my contribution to the Tast 2012 - however I did not show them up to now - they seemed to be much too modest. In this context I am no more ashamed of them.
The background is one of my prints with Formy pressed on a heat-crumbled piece of Tyvek.


  1. I like the design on your patchwork. Looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you in the new old house.

    I like your spiderweb embroidery is is very bright and the colours are vibrant on that lovely background.

  2. Your work is always excellent Anneliese - very imaginative and creative!I love the selection of different spiders webs you have shared with us.

  3. Love all your 'spider webs' Anneliese, and seem to have taken similar photographs just recently. My goodness, you are having such fun with your Formy. I now have a similar product, and will begin 'creating'. Love the background on your stitching, crumpled Tyvek, how cool is that!!

    Sorry you missed the cake and champagne, better have more the next time you join the group.........LOL...

  4. you should not be ashamed of your lovely spider web embroidery, Anneliese. You have done another wonderful background too. These backgrounds have inspired me to try my formy thing. The spider web quilt looks gorgeous too, but I don't envy you cleaning away the real spider webs!!

  5. Hi Anneliese,
    fabrics have changed their colors, and you follow your inspirations beautiful, wish you great ideas,
    I greet :)))


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