11 Mar 2012


In January I started to make my own chocolates

Raspberry mousse

Some made of dark chocolate with icing

a small gift for my friend Angelika

the rest of my remaining sweets

I assume that you realized that they were made with needle and thread
And all this because I saw it on Elizabeth's page on Stitchin fingers
Thank you Elizabeth


  1. Wonderful !Those chocolates are ones I could have . They would be very kind to my waistline and to my blood sugar! Thanks Anneliese. They are delicious!!!

  2. Yummy enough to eat Anneliese and look so real x hope your having a good sunday.

  3. When I saw the first picture, I thought it was real chocolate. The second, the dark chocolate, was clearly made from a ribbon.
    They look delicious!

  4. Fantastic, Anneliese! They look so real!
    May be you would like to have a look at my "box of chocolates", you can find it on my blog under "labels" - "fabric book". Not as good as yours :)

  5. They really are good enough to eat.

  6. And they are all non-fattening.

  7. anneliese I thought they were real chocolates...these are wonderful and they look good enough to eat.

  8. They look so yummy Anneliese, and so very non-fattening. The perfect sweet.......LOL.... I think I'd like to make a few of these. They are so cute.

  9. Oh, my, what attention to detail! Very realistic! I really like your river delta as well, especially with the French knots.
    best, nadia

  10. Delicious! They do indeed look good enough to eat.


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