15 Jan 2012

Tast 2012 fly and buttonhole

My fly stitch variation, 9x9 cm
I wrapped the center of the "flowers"
and made "weaving" (lower right)
I might stay with this format 9x9 and sew four together
to create a page every four weeks
This is the second week of Tast 2012
Buttonhole stitch - a leaf and a spiral

A closer view of the coil on my hand dyed piece of fabric


  1. Wonderful stitching Anneliese and nice fabric too.

  2. Lovely idea, Anneliese!I really like the work on the middle one- reminds me of lichens.

  3. Your stitch samples look lovely Anneliese. I've been away from the computer for days, and it's good to catch up at last. Love your spiral!!


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