3 Dec 2011

More buttons

Tiny work in progress
The button stitchery is still in the frame and will be completed

3 buttons finished and ready to be worn
The right one is very festive looking

Buttons on a button - the fraying is intentional
Will I ever wear this on my pull or blouse?
Are you interested? Just use this link below....

Karen Ruane .


  1. you are so good. I packed away my button making kit today as it was taking up too much space. It was rather sad. May be in the new year!

  2. Go Girl go before we know it you will be the button queen. This is a lovely workshop to do.

  3. Another project you are working through with gusto Anneliese. I love all that your making. This has been a wonderful course to watch from afar, with so many ladies making these tiny works of art. Take care.

  4. I love these! I would definitely wear the last pictured button with fray!!!!

  5. Love your buttons that you are making Anneliese. The one on the right would be perfect to wear during the Christmas season, so go ahead and show it off.


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