21 Sep 2011

17. Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork

Large and very famous quilt exhibition in Sainte Marie-aux-Mines, Alsace, France
We visited  last Friday - it is one hour from our house in the mountains
I will show just a few impressions

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I like especially the machine quilting on this
Sue Benner is the author

It is kind of zentangle - sewn with black thread
a few colour patches -
by Barbara Lange, Germany

A charming little quilt made of old laces

a French tea room
Theme: Country quilt

Interesting composition again Sue Benner

Ste. Marie-aux Croix -
One of those four villages where the exhibition took place

Look at those beautiful feathers made of paper
of late I am a feather fan

An insect's house in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines
With the house behind it is not so clear but
one can anyway see the many small boxes with different holes in it
Small wood pieces, broken roof-tiles and
a roof on top of it all


  1. Anneliese, thank you for showing us a glimpse of this exhibition. I am loving the look of Sue Benner's work. Great colours, composition and quilting. You are lucky to be so close to this one. Di.

  2. What an interesting lot of quilts. I love the 'mock zentangle' quilt, just beautiful. The scenery is beautiful, and how amazing is that 'insect house'. Thanks from me too, for sharing such a wonderful day.

  3. Anneliese, what a wonderful day you must have had looking at these beautiful things.

  4. So many interesting ideas, I love the idea of a lace quilt. Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Oh, I am so happy to see the pictures! I especially love the one of the Quilt with old laces and the French Tea Room!


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