23 Jun 2018

Summer abode

View from our terrace - privileged place


And a minute later .....

16 Jun 2018


If you come too late to your garden - because of other duties

then the crop can look like this

The cherries ripened very early this year - it was so warm in May

and last year there was not a single one on the tree because of frost ——

But then in the other town a surprise - shop-owners and the community
offered a market breakfast - which means you could get the breakfast for free
coffee, juice, bread, buns, sausage, cheese and little things from star cooks.

We were surprised and couldn‘t eat anything
 (we had ours at home a few minutes ago)  —-
so just had coffee from the sponsors -
so nice of our new community in Black Forest

We love to walk uphill in evenings and enjoy the running water from the 

26 May 2018

New home

When it is sunny I have a superb view out of the diningroom window

I even love when rain invents a beading pattern on my newly cleaned windows

Surprising visitors - Feuersalamander - (Salamandra salamandra) 
I took „him“ with gloved hands
and offered him a nice grassy place - a friend told me that he can
induce allergy -

DH handled this visitor - a harmless one - I wouldn‘t know of poisonous
snakes in our country.

And now let me sit and knit after all this moving chaos
No big project - a project of fantasy - using up left-overs of cotton yarns
so many lovely colours
Knitting without plan - short rows - purl - knit - change colours at random
and produce a happy wash cloth - 

I am sitting in the middle of Schwarzwald - Black Forest - on our
balcony - it is like very exclusive holidays - and we are at home here.
I think we are lucky people.

This is growing around the house - and if I can believe my patchwork friends
and I believe them !
it is called Giersch and can be processed into various dishes - tarts, soups,
Gewöhnlicher Giersch (Aegopodium podagraria)

I can gather lots of it. Years ago I weeded it in our garden and succeeded ! 
Today I know better and regret this ignorant rampage - 
I am going to read recipes.

Nice arrangements - seen on our evening walk.

Bye-bye till next time.

22 Apr 2018

Scarf or shawl

Look at this column - it is my newest shawl
made of Kid Silk by Drops Design

The length is 150 cm lovely cosy and soft - nevertheless I am happy
not to have to wear it - because we are in the middle of spring

The apple-tree looks promising for a good crop - but please slowly -
in autumn - a long way still

And what looks like late snow are just the blossom leaves

Fabrication of purses will always be a favorite of mine
This one went to Karin N. A Japanese fabric - those fabrics which
I bought in Japan long ago don‘t go well together with our usual 
patchwork materials

Another one underwent a small embellishment
following the print of the fabric.

10 Apr 2018

Adding some stitches

But then I think some embellishment would not
be wrong and I started to make stitched detached leaves

I used some woven picot stitch versions
as I took them from Sharon B‘s stitch dictionary

sketching the stitches into my own book of stitches with samples

From left to right:
woven picot - two-pronged picot - closed-base needle-woven picot - drizzle stitch

The two-pronged woven picot I found in Kate Sinton‘s „Stumpwork“

For the apple stem the drizzle stitch is just the thing.

The needle is not nicely drawn - anyway take out the thread from the needle 
and make buttonhole stitches around the needle. Finally you thread the needle
again and pull the thread through all the buttonhole stitches.

Aren‘t the drizzle stitches just like withered apple blossoms? 

6 Apr 2018

Another one - the apple purse

A little embellishmet on the difficult purse
difficult because of it tinyness
It is the same as in the last post.


and the new one - the apple purse -  much easier to sew now 
that I know the trick
and I made it bigger - I started with a fabric piece 18 x 23 cm.

1 Apr 2018


What looks like an exotic object is showing my trouble with
this mini-purse.
I tried to sew this pattern (thank you Edith) and had the idea 
to set in a batting afterwards.
I turned the little purse over and over again to understand
how to insert the yellow fabric for the batting.

I finally gave in and stitched it down by hand

and now it looks like this.

The zipper is running diagonally across the edge

And it is really mini and has a key ring inside.

24 Mar 2018

A handmade doll and utensil of an old time

I want to have this doll in my blog - she is sitting on the open chimney and
looking at me whenever I pass there and this is about x-times a day. 
As if she was asking:
Won‘t you play with me - or something the like, or where is my mum?
It is dear daughter‘s (DD) creation from about 30 years ago - 
She is sitting next to a jug from Sicily.

This is a beautiful instrument - it is for combing wool or maybe hemp - 
we found it on a French marché aux puces - a fleamarket 
Unserious people call it mother-in-law seat - 
I wouldn‘t have allowed mine to sit on it - (see a picture of her below)

The nails are handmade - forged - and square
The whole board is looking like this

and from the backside like this

A close-up of the backside - square nails which reach to the
front and are about 10 cm long. The nails are hand-forged. 
I know nothing about the age - I guess more than a hundred years.

The circles look like embellishment - they probably came from using the

And more old things

This photo is about 100 years old and it is DH‘s family
One of the girls is his mother - the eldest

I finished „wild liberty“ named for the many Liberty fabrics
and it is looking wild, I know - the next one will be made with
more of a system - if ever - those five corners to fit together are asking
a lot of patience!

EPP - English paper piecing - sewn by hand over paper - 
except for the final finish which is done by machine

Happy Easter to you all

26 Feb 2018

It is the one we chose in exchange for the farmhouse in France
The snow is the same - but it is 300 m lower and easy to reach
We will drvie about 90 minutes.
It is the Black Forest - Schwarzwald, South Germany

I am standing in the garden and looking to the neigbours‘ ground
There won‘t be much gardening - which I like -  there is no fence - which I like, too.
The little play house will belong to us.

I like already the village and the castle which is about 300 m away

I think we will spend lovely holidays and weekends here, with family and friends
The caste in the village
and how it looked in old times

The fir trees are huge - and dark - hence the name Black Forest.

I couldn’t help but take this idyllic encampment on a Sunday afternoon at the
grandparents‘ - after a good meal - but also after the straining olympic games at night
on the sofa - not to forget the visit to the disco with friends - (the younger one of them) 

While all this is happening I am sewing something in the evenings
EPP - English paper piecing - all by hand

trying out - does it fit?
No —- not yet

trying - sewing - turning around

I can‘t tell yet what it will be.