Vor 148 Jahren

Vor 148 Jahren

Vor 148 Jahren: Gestern war ich in einer Gesellschaft, da waren unter fünf Damen drei katholische, welche mit Erlaubnis des Papstes auch sonntags sticken.
Leo Tolstoj (1828-1910)

29 Aug 2016

Modern family

The funniest family photo since the invention of iPhones:

My goodness, we had fun! But sorry, DDL is missing - she had obligations at school 
that day as a teacher.
This afternoon - Monday - friends wil come to admire the new kitchen.
This cake will await them......

Now, you are maybe thinking it is burnt, too black, on top. Ok, maybe a little, it
is crocant, it is still good and with a little bit of sugar powder it won't be seen
anymore - I was writing to Diane in USA (🙋🏻) when the bell rang .... and so on.....

28 Aug 2016

New kitchen in old house and scraps into coiled fabric things

As you might probably know - we are renovating an old farmhouse
in France.
After the sleeping rooms and a little provisional bathroom it was 
time to think about the kitchen. This lasted about 8 months - the 
planning, the negociation with kirchen manufacturers and the praparation
of the space - which was mostly managed by DH, but also by our masons. 
Hurray -- finally I can cook like a modern houswife.
This is my preparing and cooking space. The dishwasher is on the right
of the hob.

The window is lookig to the street --
 next to it the coffee pad-machine and water cooker

The microwave and fridge - and an apple cake in preparation
and in the background DH painting a door.

Our sight when we sit at the table

Ikea chairs have been painted in red and I sewed a red table mat for the middle

Scraps in red 

I am using a polyurethan rope 4 mm, which I order online -
For sewing I am using a jeans needle - and I am having no problems at all - no 

Oh yes, not to forget the legs of the table - they were oak coloured and are looking nicer
in white.

Aha, and then I had a few meters left - of the first 100 meters -
and scraps anyway. and made this little bowl -

I have a friend in mind to whom I will give it.

I disguised the ending with some beads.

16 Aug 2016


Washing machine partly broken -
What a desaster when the machine doesn't spin. We hung it up over night - 
it was still wet in the morning. - Grandies playing Badmington.

11 Aug 2016

Holidays in the mountains in France

It is here where we are now - me mostly between the weeds
or inside the house chasing spiders and their webs - dusting - vacuuming

And this is my special joy to watch the hydrangeas
I am thankful for this bush - growing without much
care - it is covered with snow in winter .... but now it is in the sun warming up

Not so much about needlework - a little knitting.
The cardigan - which I am doing for the second time because of misfit -
internet is a catastrophy here - so I am sorry not to be able to read blogs.

21 Jul 2016

Constructing a korak quilt

I took them out of the box again
and added a few more scraps
I am defining the middle with an iron, folding the ground fabric
into half, to prevent going ascew.

and now I am changing from flying gees to logcabin

It looks like a roof - but in fact again a "goose" is flying

One little blog finished

How would it look like this ? I am trying - and will sew still many more
and change positions a hundred times ....it will last for months

10 Jul 2016

No sight into our grassland

Yes, our garden is green - mainly green
and no sight down onto the lawn which is more or less a pasture, a meadow

Help from the saw and DH
and one branch is cut off -
I am sitting in the shade of the peartree - you can see the shadow
We had 37° in the afternoon. 
This photo was taken in the morning at about 10 am
It is a lovely place to knit - in the shade 
I am starting from the beginning with my cardigan - from top to bottom and 
I am now using the description for XL - L was too tight - imagine - my size is M.
This time I did no "tinking" (knitting backwards) but unravelled everything.
And this was done in about one hour - a very short time compared with
the six weeks of knitting which I spent.
But never mind.
I had to wind the wool with a "winding machine" - which son G. made for me ca.
35 years ago - Soaking and drying took one day.
Lets say the first try was practising. I am sure to make less mistakes in future.

But now I need something to relax.

Fabric beads are the solution - I used silk from scraps of blouses which I
made two decades ago - I bought it myself in China !!! It is very precious to me.
The variegated perlé for the crochet bauble is from Stef Francis.
The blouses are totally out of fashion - but I can't separate from them, oh oh.
I dyed the apple-green silk myself.

I wish you a wonderful summer week.

3 Jul 2016

More of the Korak

Coming home from holidays
I decided to add more lively colours - here orange and yellow
The pink will play a minor role - it is teasing my eye
And I took another fabric for backing and sewing on.
It will be covered by strips of another colour which has to found first
If you ever want to buy cotton for crochet - do it now - online
There is a 30% reduction on wonderful qualities of DROPS design  - http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/de/kategori_oversikt.php
or find a shop: http://www.garnstudio.com/findastore.php?cid=9&id=9

I filled up my stock for little crocheted things like flowers etc.

26 Jun 2016

I made a potholder and our cherry-tree made fruit for us

I filled the time on the car-ferry on our way back from Hvar with crochet

and  made a potholder

in a double layer - it is a Drops design

And when we came home from holidays the cherry-tree looked like this 
and I tell you - handy from the balkony!

19 Jun 2016

In the window of the pharmacy

A most wonderful scene of the fairy tale about the princess
on the pea - figures are about 15 cm tall

Sorry about the blurred photos - couldn't do it otherwise

It is the pharmacy in the center of town Hvar, Croatia
Taken in the evening when we make our walk without bikes
Look at those elaborate joints of the curbs - they must be so old

And then today I made the recipe of Radka with apricots. 

When I left home to the internet bar it was still hot - 
and it is sticking to the bottom - I had no better tin than the old pot.
I am in our holiday appartment!
Doesn't matter. It is for DH an me only. 
A glass of wine tonight and thinking of you, Radka, while enjoying.