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13 Dec 2017

Notebooklet - Christmas trees

Time to do some bookbinding. Well bookbinding might be 
slightly exagerated. It is a notebook DIN A5 for some
notes with very thin paper. I want to take it with me always
and it may neither be thick nor heavy.


The style of binding is called Schmetterlingsbindung
(in English butterfly binding - there exists certainly a better and
more professional name for it)

You do it with 4 needles for four holes - I bought a awl to
make the holes and it works very well - instead of using
a thick sharp needle 

I took magazine papers and reinforced the double page with 
„wonder-under“ - paper-backed fusible web.
The back cover is showing frozen berries.
I stitched through all signatures and through the front cover

The front cover and below the backcover

I left the binding threads hanging out - because I like it !
You might have seen it on Instagram - if not so
here is a fantastic design (I used another stitch) for „Trees for Christmas“ 
of Mary Corbet. Go to visit her blog                      
and you will see eleven more lovely designs for Christmas trees. 
You can download the e-book for very little and get a perfect 
description of it.
I like to support Mary because she had a very hard time the two last years.
But read yourself and follow her on her blog. Lots of hints and
book reviews and how-to stitch videos.

I used stem stitch and wrapped it

When grandsons were still children, I made this calendar to
count the days from Dec 1st till the 24th.

A calendar withouth sweets, but with stars to be buttoned on till the
Holy Night - 24th December (In German we all it Adventskalender)

15 Nov 2017


Its my corner in our garden - herbs, rhubarb but also sedum
because it is so easy to grow and has a lovely colour till late in the year 

Kapuzinerkresse, Tropaeolum majus 

a little bit of colour at the entrance

31 Oct 2017

Good-bye farmhouse

Shutters closed, things packed during many days and transported
with the trailor to another house where they will wait till we 
get a new place nearer to our home in Germany.We drove
twelve times - (just for me to remember)

This is the farewell - last bundles of waste, my two bags. Below: A look into
the inside - the grange - with a quilt of nine hens

The rocking horse - DH-made

The hens - (ok, no good photo)

The view from one of the windows downhill

at times with neighbour‘s  pasturing cows

Treasure box of our barefoot-guys - when they -
the  grandchildren were a few years younger
containing two beautiful stones and a bottle with some cash and other
They dug it into the earth - but the following year they undug it again
to see if it was still there....

This is the family from whose descendants we bought the farmhouse 22 years ago.
We made the acquaintance of the two youngest ones. They visited us
and wrote their names into our guestbook.

The tree house constructed by DH of course, with the help of grandsons 

The farmhouse situated in the hills

With good eyes one could even make it out on the photo below - in 800 m altitude

We had a lovely time up there mostly with the family - very often
also with friends - in summer and in winter - and it was comfortable
due to the renovation skills of DH

We are happy that a very nice family will now be living in the house
named GHUERRAFOLLET on an old map in the books of the townhall. 

8 Oct 2017

Bookbinding - an update

Bookbinding online class - oh what did I start! 
I am courageous and started something quite new for me
Although while experimenting I long for fabric and thread
I can‘t deny it.

At least I made a front and back cover with a little
fabric, liberty scraps, and held it down with tulle and
then going over it with the sewing machine

Also a litte handstitching
embroidering the title with backstitches - Bunte Bücher 
(coloured books)
It is an online class with Anne Lange at

After folding the pages and binding them with
an easy technique - the side edge binding

I started to think about the next steps ...
the actual binding of the book.
I have to combine two methods and it is not solved yet.
I didn‘t follow the instructions ------ now, readers, please excuse,
I chose the wrong expression. Of course, teacher never gives any
instructions but merely advices or suggestions. However, I am a complete newbie
in this craft and therefore very dependent of - lets call it now "recommendations".

And - a celebration - one piece for two
with coffee on an outing into the Black Forest/Schwarzwald

Fifty-five years together - two children - three grandchildren
A move from one French farmhouse into another French 
house will soon happen, soon? Maybe in two or three months
we started to move mentally. 

We enjoyed this cake - the calm before the storm -
but wait - the storm hasn‘t begun yet.

24 Sep 2017

New new in our house

Three boys and a cooking and cake baking grandma

Each day one scrap

Three scraps - some stitches - oh, a house came out and maybe
a lake. A French-knot-cloud and some rain.
This ist to test the new blog-app.

11 Sep 2017


Lots of thinking and what came out?

This. There is even a spine. Inside I fixed very narrow strips
which are drawn through a kind of crocheted eyelets and knotted loosely -
I could easily add more pages. There are six at the moment.

Beads at the end of the strips to give some weight

Turning over a page it looks like this - 

Detail of a page - I love the tunnel

.... and the toggles

.... and the bullion knots over a length of gimp.
     It was a wonderful class.

10 Sep 2017

Future fabric book

A class with Karen Ruane - Embroidery School - which started in January 2017
I am preparing to bind the six pages together. with the cover

Above the front cover
and below the backside - all sewn by hand -
embroidered and beaded - lace made by machine
painted paper fixed with French knots

A collage with paper and fabric strips, lace, hand and machine embroidery 
embellished with my favorite stitches, French knots

Machine-sewn grid over a strip of fabric,
buttonhole stitches around cut-out lace flowers

Various embellishments with silk fabric, edge of a hanky, cutwork and
lace flower (clockwise)

Bumpy bits, gimp cord, scattered octagons, buttonholed machine sewn lace,
bullion knots, embellished grid of octagons

Cross stitched letter from an earlier project, padded scrim embellishment, gimp cords
cutwork, toggles - and all this on a piece of the baptism dress of DD (50 years ago)

Top right: little pocket, hexagon cutworks, beading
Now I will invent some binding of all this.

15 Aug 2017

It is starting

This is number one - and many will follow
We love pumpkin soup - this one ist called Hokkaido

it was really a surprise - 
they grew like mad out of a few tiny seedlings -----
when we were absent.

I  cared for more place for my other plants meanwhile.

11 Aug 2017

Familienzusammenkunft - family gathering in the Vosges

We are eating raclette - a Swiss meal with potatoes and excellent cheese
and many other things.
The cooked potatoes are covered with cheese and then put under the grill
to melt the cheese.

We are eating in the very original kitchen in an old farmhouse
in the Vosges

And grand-daughter made a quilt after her own idea with fabric scraps
which she found digging in a  big bag - I don't through away any 
fabric no matter how small.


Weather was not just like we want to have it - but this
evening it gifted us with this double rainbow