Vor 148 Jahren

Vor 148 Jahren

Vor 148 Jahren: Gestern war ich in einer Gesellschaft, da waren unter fünf Damen drei katholische, welche mit Erlaubnis des Papstes auch sonntags sticken.
Leo Tolstoj (1828-1910)

23 May 2016

Quadruple disappearing nine-patch -

Was passiert, wenn ich öfters als zweimal durchschneide?
What happens when I cut more than two times?

ich versuche verschiedene Möglichkeiten -
trying out different possibilities

Eine andere Farbkombination

Different colours - how would this look?

Das Lila-Rot ist mir zu stark in der ersten Version

I don't like the purple of my first version

Wenig rot mehr blau gefällt mir besser.

I like better less red and a bit more blue

Es sind Versuchsblocks. Ich habe noch keine Idee, wie es weitergeht und ob ich überhaupt
damit weitermache oder ob es wie vieles in der Schublade landet.

I have not the slightest idea how it will go on or if I will make something of these samples.
It might disappear in the drawer as many other things.
And thank you, Margaret (Margiestitcher) for this idea and the "how-to":here

Und jetzt verlinke ich ich zum ersten Mal mit: http://moderncolognequilter.blogspot.de

      15 May 2016

      Stitching Lady's next top model

      I am starting a new cardigan

      I need a project for the near holidays - 
      Did you ever hear of Drops wool and design. I have the chance that I found a shop
      where I could see and feel the wool (and it is 100% new wool), 
      at a very good budget price compared to other brands.The wool is coming from Norway - 
      I was told that the pattern and description are absolutely reliable.
      So - I will go to knit now.

      13 May 2016

      My necklace and a group of needle lace trees

      It is made of fabric beads - fabric (I told already in a previous post)
      DD offered me after a journey to Istanbul
      I made rather long beads - it is all one fabric - it has stripes - so I cut
      them in a way to get esmerald green beads and red and turquoise ones -
      Magnetic fastening

      Just coincidentially the group of trees - needle lace - show the same 
      colours - my hands did it without me thinking to do this choice.

      Birches and other trees - with very imaginative leaves

      Some bullion bushes - some roots ----

      I wish you a sunny and happy Pentecost weekend.

      28 Apr 2016

      Cups - not to drink of

      They are wall cups! - still not hanging but lying on the floor
      of the new kitchen.

      And now what to do? I started to make fabric beads - from 
      a fabric which was offered to me by DD who bought it in Istanbul.
      It has a a very eye-catching shine. I think they sold it to her as silk
      but it is probably viscose.
      It is slippery so I am working with steam-a-seam (or Wonder-Under)
      which is working very well.

      26 Apr 2016

      Two kinds of blossoms on one tree -

      On top wild cherry blossoms and below the Japanese cherry flowers on one tree.
      It's looking very charming.
      And the cherry blossoms in our garden no. 1 - one week ago
      promising a rich crop - if not cold and rain spoiled it all.

      24 Apr 2016

      Between all travels

      ...I am sewing a little wallquilt - a lazy one - without turning the edges
      - and it is - so sorry - not my own idea - but a Pin from Pinterest

      I will finish it - it still needs the binding.
      Some colour is needed in the new French kitchen.

      16 Apr 2016

      Good morning bikers

      It is well-known that cows are curious.
      She came so near my iPhone that I was afraid she 
      would snap it and swallow it

      Meanwhile the Easter eggs got rivals.

      13 Apr 2016

      10 Apr 2016

      More of the stitchcloth

      Deepa has a tutorial on her blog
      I followed it and made this flower
      The circles are made of linked beaded chain stitches - I showed it before
      but now added another circle unbeaded
      I like the swinging here - colonial knots following the pattern

      8 Apr 2016


      It was dark brown - now it is white
      It is brightening the space which is still our provisional
      kitchen and dining room.