3 Dec 2016

Stitching a story - no. 7. great disappointment

A Rapunzel-tower in Karlsruhe near our castle.

It was once the waterworks for the provision for the casle
iconstructed in 1866 but doesn't work anymore today - 

since I am stitching Rapunzel's story I am looking 
for towers. This one is 40 m high.

You remember - the prince climbed up - but he didn't
find Rapunzel anymore - the sorceress took her to an unknown
place - so......

....he was so disappointed and sad even his horse let his head hang down -
and leaves were falling from trees  - maybe because it was autumn, too.
- but many months he wandered about in the woods full of grief.

My leaves are cut out from painted Decovil and sewn to the pages
with just one stitch

And the little enamelled Chinese horse is watching ...
Soon the sory will find a happy end.

28 Nov 2016

Free embroidery and Stitching a Story - no. 6

Preparing for free embroidery on hand-dyed cotton 

I am following now and then - whenever I think of it
the Sunday stitch school of Queenie -
(She showed how to make backstitches by imprinting the holes
first by a not-threaded sewing machine - really good for beginners)
I am making them as usually free hand not caring too much about
I stitched a circle and filling it in with chain stitches and variegated thread
- it will be a flower - 

My fantasy petals are made by the Anundsjö stitch (see my last post): http://queeniepatch.blogspot.fr/2016/11/sunday-stitch-school-lesson-1-anundsjo.html

Searching in my scrap boxes I found a cup shape - an ideal vase 
for the flower - I also made two puffs (bumpy bits - expression by
Karen Ruane) and stems.
About Rapunzel - I can tell you that every girl needs more than
one dress.
So the meanwhile 16 years old Rapunzel was gifted with a beautiful
silk skirt - embroidered and embellished with lace

It is lined with withe silk as well.
Now the prince can be welcomed - and he indeed spares no effort to visit
the beautiful girl.

What looks like his bag is part of the dress which was slipped through
from the other side of the page. 
(There must be a door at the bottom how otherwise did Rapunzel
get high up into her prison? Later in the story the sorceress and the girl
leave the tower - and I am sure they use the spiral staircase - )

This could be the tower - it is in Villersexel - Haute-Saône, France - 

the chateau is transformed Into a hotel and the private rooms
can be visited with a guide - two afternoons a week.

17 Nov 2016

No. 5 of Rapunzel

On this page the young prince managed to draw himself up with
the braid of Rapunzel - (This haïr growth - a wonder - I would like
to know her secret) - I designed the roof with old tiles -

I used the line of stitches from the music on the other side to create
a branch with leaves.

A tuffet for the prince - a bit awkward I think. I might have to move it and
put it into the cubbyhole of the tower and order a more princy one. But there
are new books - patchwork books - 
Its the cover of the book with the long braid - Rapunzel looking
out of the little window in the tower.
I am working in the book on any page - when an idea pops up -
forwards and backwards.
And yes - I did it - I threw it out of the room - the tuffet (Thanks to
Deanna7trees I know this word now) - and made a nice really
royal one with low legs.

4 Nov 2016

Still stitching my story about Rapunzel. - Continuation 4

The prince is hiding behind a tree and sees the sorceress
climbing up to Rapunzel. The tower is very high - so the
whichlike woman is looking so small.
I helped to hide him with an insert - a tree painted on silk
several - oh many - years ago. I made it bloom a little 
and on the ground I stitched the French lilies which also
show on the cape of the young curious prince.

I used the stem of the tree for the cut to insert the square of the silk tree

Wind is blowing - silk ribbons knotted to the page

A Chinese enamelled horse is holding the pages back from closing

The reverse side of the insert - also painted silk. 
The colours are matching wonderfullly - as if painted just for the booklet
although I dabbled in silk painting long ago - in the 90ties.

(Here I want to emphasize again that the sweet drawings in the booklet 
are designed by Eleni Livanios - ) 

1 Nov 2016

Crop of pumpkins

This is a hedge of Thuja surrounding part of our garden
Behind it we keep our compost (it is ok - it doesn't smell)
Some of my self-raised pumpkin seedlings which I didn't want to waist
were planted into the old heap of compost and this is the result.
We went away knowing that it would grow over the hedge - 
But didn't care - and didn't suspect anything

And we had a crop of six pumpkins of a normal size hanging somewhere
from the hedge and this one on the photo below
which grew on top of the hedge and sank into it so it couldn't
be seen at all - 24 cm diameter and a lovely waist of 75 cm.

We will have soup until next year.
Big pumpkin and its little brother.

And I was prepared for Halloween:
But nobody came to call out "treat or trick"!

30 Oct 2016

A visit in Switzerland

We visited a Picasso exhibition - (l'oeuvre ultime - Hommage à Jacqueline) - in Martigny, Switzerland
Photographing without flash was allowed -
So we - son and me - are in the shade and paintings are blurred
But you get the impression
Dancers - I name it like that

And also this - niki de saint phalle - in the gardens of the museum
(Foundation Pierre Gianadda)
Sunday picnickers by Elisheva Engel (1988)

Next day high up in the mountains - we were the only guests
And had a wonderful view
We came by train - what else -
Back home in Germany - pumpkins had more than 3 weeks time to grow hilariously

This is just part of the crop
And this is a leaf star - reminding me of my work
SunMoonStars - in which I am following Jude Hill

14 Oct 2016

Stitching a Story - continuation 3

Walk through the woods to the tower - which hardly can be seen
Rapunzel wird zum im Wald  verborgenen Turm geführt 

Flowers sititched on felt 
Blumen auf dem Weg - auf Filz gestickt.
Lifting the machine stitched firtree a squirrel can be seen and berries
Die Tanne wurde mit dem Maschine auf Tyvek freihand gestickt

Ivy for the tower - doubled fabric surrounded with buttonhole stitches
Efeu aus doppeltem Stoff 
Reverse side - Rückseite der Efeublätter
Ivy on the tower - Efeu am Turm

Rapunzel is letting down her hair for the sorceress......

Continued ......

12 Oct 2016

Sun-MoonStars - 2

Two suns 

Zwei Sonnen

Die gelbe mit Knopflochstichen und Pistil Stichen umrandet
die rote mit Vorstichen festgehalten

The yellow sun - fixed with buttonhole and pistil stitches
On the yellow one running stitches in different colours.

Ein rope-stitch Stern- ein verdrehter Kettenstich (wie heisst der auf deutsch?)

A rope-stitch outlined star

Es ist überhaupt nicht schwierig, einen Fünfzacken-Stern zu zeichnen - ohne Zirkel - 
ohne männliche Hilfe - Mein Freihand-Stern - Ein Kreis - fünf Punkte darauf
verteilt anbringen und im Abstand von einigen cm auf einem  gedachten Kreis Punkte
zwischen den Kreispunkten kennzeichnen - Punkte mit geraden Linien verbinden - fertig.

No problem to design a five pointed star - thank you Jude. I made it free-hand --

This one below is needleturned - the points were difficult so I convered them with very
narrow satin stitches

Das ist der Zirkelstern -  die Kanten mit der Nadel auf die Rückseite
gedreht und mit Saumstichen festgehalten.
Die Ecken, ein Problem - also unter Satinstichen versteckt.

10 Oct 2016

Sun moon stars with Jude Hill and Stitching a Story

Jude Hill is offering her little SunMoonStar project.

5 years ago she had it also on her blog "Spirit Cloth". This one will not be the 
same - as she tells - because handsewn things will never be the same.
SunMoonStars ..... a nine-patch - 
I wonder what my way will be -
She is so kind to emphasize that we can copy her 

Ich mache mit bei Jude Hill's kleinem Projekt "SunMoonStars", 
das sie vor Jahren schon mal in ihrem Blog "Spirit cloth" gezeigt  hat.
Es wird nicht das gleiche sein, sagt sie, es ist jedesmal anders,
wenn man von Hand etwas näht.
Man soll sie ruhig kopieren, sagt sie grosszügigerweise.

Da brauchte ich jetzt dunkle Stoffe, am besten dunkelblau. Also überfärbte ich
mit Procion XP marineblau ein paar Läppchen.

I needed some dark fabric and dyed it with Procion XP blue - 
in fact overdyed some prints - I like how it came out.

Jude färbt mit selbst gezogenem Indigo aus ihrem Garten. 
Das kann ich leider nicht nachmachen.

Jude dyes with home grown indigo - I love this idea, too, I am not sure
it would grow in my gardens - and who would wait so long?

Meine "Sonnen" scheinen gleich unterzugehen - so rot sind sie -  mein Stoff
ist zu dünn und verzieht sich. (Ich habe nur eine kleine Auswahl hier in Frankreich)

My suns are of a very sunset-like colour - and the fabric is too thin -
not keeping the shape
Ein fünfzackiger Stern wird gezeichnet.

With the help of DH a five-pointed star came to life. 

Thoughts about moon shapes and choice of fabrics

Nebenher mache ich natürlich weiter bei Karen Ruane's "Stitching a Story"

This is running at the same time with Rapunzel - the Stitching a Story project 
which I am doing with Karen Ruane
Auf dieser Seite spriesst ein Baum im verbotenen Garten

A paper tree grew very fast in the forbidden garden

Eine kleine Spitzenprobe, die die Blumen auf dem Kleid der Zauberin
reflektieren soll. Oben rechts sieht man sie mit dem neugeborenen Kind im Arm
im Nebel verschwinden.

A lace pattern reflecting the rose-dress of the sorceress
Look at the sorceress on top of the photo - she is holding the promised baby
in her arms disappearing in the mists....
- I am still not sure what I will do with her. An empty cradle .....?

Rapunzels Kleid ist jetzt noch schöner und die Zauberin hat
Salat in ihrem Korb.
Das Mädchen ist hier 12 Jahre alt und wird von der Zauberin sehr geliebt.

First embellishment of Rapunzel's dress - I am sure it is made of silk
which speaks for the sorceress - The 12 year old girl is very well guarded - 
too well, as we will see soon.