Vor 148 Jahren

Vor 148 Jahren

Vor 148 Jahren: Gestern war ich in einer Gesellschaft, da waren unter fünf Damen drei katholische, welche mit Erlaubnis des Papstes auch sonntags sticken.
Leo Tolstoj (1828-1910)

26 Jun 2016

I made a potholder and our cherry-tree made fruit for us

I filled the time on the car-ferry on our way back from Hvar with crochet

and  made a potholder

in a double layer - it is a Drops design

And when we came home from holidays the cherry-tree looked like this 
and I tell you - handy from the balkony!

19 Jun 2016

In the window of the pharmacy

A most wonderful scene of the fairy tale about the princess
on the pea - figures are about 15 cm tall

Sorry about the blurred photos - couldn't do it otherwise

It is the pharmacy in the center of town Hvar, Croatia
Taken in the evening when we make our walk without bikes
Look at those elaborate joints of the curbs - they must be so old

And then today I made the recipe of Radka with apricots. 

When I left home to the internet bar it was still hot - 
and it is sticking to the bottom - I had no better tin than the old pot.
I am in our holiday appartment!
Doesn't matter. It is for DH an me only. 
A glass of wine tonight and thinking of you, Radka, while enjoying.

15 Jun 2016

In Hvar

Ein Venezianischer Löwe - a Venetian Lion - which is omnipresent
in this town. It was under Venetian reign from the 13th centurywith short breaks
till 1797.
The open book under his paw connotes peace - there were times
when the lion was scrulptured with a closed book.

and a normal little dog - standing not far from me under the lion 
I thought it is funny to post them both.
Slowly I am understanding the pattern - 
after "tinking" (knitting backwards) many times -

11 Jun 2016

TAST stitches - applied

 BEFORE: Eight holes actually meant to be filled with a string
the holes corroded to an ugly colour
I had suddenly the idea
to embellish the holes

using all kinds of TAST stitches
to disguise the holes ...


7 Jun 2016

From over the mountains


I took small scraps with me with a plan in mind to make a korak project
This is the beginning - all in red tones - pinned

The next lot has been cut and ironed

This is now my third dishcloth and I am really using it. It dries alright - after use - it is cotton.
It is a Drop-design - although it is not necessary to follow a special design here.
My curtains are drying also in the strong wind - called Tramontana (from over the mountains)

A seagull on the roof-decoration - my view over the cup of coffee this morning.

1 Jun 2016

Happy coffee-hour

We met friends in our café
it is our internet place

It is me in the dark blue cardigan.
We enjoy special low prices as "natives" or wives of natives,  better to say.

My bike - old old -a recycled one  - of course
and an empty bench, because it is very fresh tonight.

29 May 2016

Just in time .....

.... to find those beautiful girls in traditional costumes -
they waited for their song performance in this small church in
Ogulin - we made a stop here on our way to the island
of Hvar..
They posed in less than a second when I asked them if I may take a photo.
Probably used to be in focus.

 DH thinks that married women are wearing white an black

We entered to listen a bit
DH thinks that married women are wearing blak and white costumes
This is a special happening of the church in Karlovac

the church

and the fortress in this little town

Helpings are not small in restaurants - so we share this "Cremeschnitte" -
one plate, two forks, one dessert.

23 May 2016

Quadruple disappearing nine-patch -

Was passiert, wenn ich öfters als zweimal durchschneide?
What happens when I cut more than two times?

ich versuche verschiedene Möglichkeiten -
trying out different possibilities

Eine andere Farbkombination

Different colours - how would this look?

Das Lila-Rot ist mir zu stark in der ersten Version

I don't like the purple of my first version

Wenig rot mehr blau gefällt mir besser.

I like better less red and a bit more blue

Es sind Versuchsblocks. Ich habe noch keine Idee, wie es weitergeht und ob ich überhaupt
damit weitermache oder ob es wie vieles in der Schublade landet.

I have not the slightest idea how it will go on or if I will make something of these samples.
It might disappear in the drawer as many other things.
And thank you, Margaret (Margiestitcher) for this idea and the "how-to":here

Und jetzt verlinke ich ich zum ersten Mal mit: http://moderncolognequilter.blogspot.de

      15 May 2016

      Stitching Lady's next top model

      I am starting a new cardigan

      I need a project for the near holidays - 
      Did you ever hear of Drops wool and design. I have the chance that I found a shop
      where I could see and feel the wool (and it is 100% new wool), 
      at a very good budget price compared to other brands.The wool is coming from Norway - 
      I was told that the pattern and description are absolutely reliable.
      So - I will go to knit now.

      13 May 2016

      My necklace and a group of needle lace trees

      It is made of fabric beads - fabric (I told already in a previous post)
      DD offered me after a journey to Istanbul
      I made rather long beads - it is all one fabric - it has stripes - so I cut
      them in a way to get esmerald green beads and red and turquoise ones -
      Magnetic fastening

      Just coincidentially the group of trees - needle lace - show the same 
      colours - my hands did it without me thinking to do this choice.

      Birches and other trees - with very imaginative leaves

      Some bullion bushes - some roots ----

      I wish you a sunny and happy Pentecost weekend.