30 Apr 2014

Take a Stitch Tuesday and my Lego Quilt

Rope stitch 110 and Zig Zag Coral stitch 111 

Three upright rows of new stitches:
In yellow the rope stitch - and in red I made a zig-zag version of it.
Again in yellow the zig-zag coral stitch.

Do you want to know more about how they are made?
Sharon shows it here:

And I finished it - the Lego Quilt - today - 
just in time before Sharon's class on
"Sumptuous Surface Embroidery" is starting.

DH is tall enough....

The colours are very near to natural. I backed it with fleece.

It will be warm to cuddle up in it.


  1. your quilt is beautiful. nice to be able to snuggle up in something you made yourself.

  2. You have made a wonderful cuddly lego quilt!
    Have fun with the SSE course, I LOVED it!
    I am off now to try the rope stitch on a curve!

  3. good samples of the tast stitches and wow love the lego quilt, did not know you were making this, love the variety of fabrics all pieced together, when my scraps grow think this would be a good way to use them. Will enjoy following you on your journey with Sharon and her sumptuous embroidery course.

  4. I love your lego quilt. So nice colores.

  5. Such a lovely lego quilt, and great to keep you warm. It is a good way to use up some scrappy pieces.

  6. Lovely quilt, Anneliese! I hope you are keeping it :-)

  7. Your lego quilt is absolutely stunning!

  8. I am sure I left a comment on this blog post from my ipad. Something isn't working! Anyway, I loved the lego quilt as it is so bright and cheery and the tast stiches are good. I particularly like the yellow zig zag coral st. You must have used up all your scraps by now :)))


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