26 Aug 2013

Vide greniers - flea market - Flohmarkt

In a village near ours - a very small one - we found this


A night table - for "the house of renovation" - how I call it.

The price was 8€/~10$ - isn't that great, it is so beautiful.

The room where it will live is still without window but has a new floor made by DH.

The window is ordered and can be fetched in October. The first order did not fit,

it was too large - this is in France....

And this is now a tree in our garden in Germany.

I open the window, reach out and gather a few

little yellow plums - 'Mirabellen' in German.

On the window sill.

We are back in the 'basis camp', the camp of books, fabrics, threads, and much more -

and also the ordered magazines

I will be occupied.



  1. oh how wonderful to have plums so close at hand. i just bought some at the supermarket.

  2. oh yours mirabellen are still ripe. here (in north France) they are very late.

  3. Your little night table is beautiful. Lovely looking plums, and how lovely to be able to pick them from your window. Enjoy reading your new magazines.

  4. what a lovely piece, and it has a marble top too. So you are home again and enjoying your plums, I did not get one on my tree this year or any blossom, maybe next year it will be a bumper crop.Have stopped my subscription to Inspirations, have them all up to now but enough is enough as they say

  5. Oooooh, it must have been exciting to come back to those books. You amaze me how you fit in the blogging travelling around as you do. I love the little chest and it looks wonderful on the new flooring. Your DH has done a good job on that. The plums are unusual (to me) are they sweet? I love a good plum and you are lucky to be able to just pluck them from the base camp window!

  6. Mmmm! Yummy Mirabellen! Your night table is lovely too. What a great buy! Enjoy.

  7. It is a beautiful little table and the floors are beautiful too. Plums seem a long way away down here. I'd love to be able to reach out my window and have a munch!

  8. i noticed the marble top on the bedside table as well. It is a very beautiful piece with those elegantly curved legs.

    I can see you really are going to be busy with your new books it is always exciting to have a new magazine and discover all the wonders inside. And you can nibble on those wonderful plums while you are reading.


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