10 Jul 2013

The summer of colors - week 5

Exotic fruit - a color challenge

The poll of Kristin spilled out candy apple-red and yellow

So what did I do with my so very limited stuff, here where I am?

Read more here:



It is about 13 cm square

Three scrap pieces - sewn together with crossing lines and

some sections cut out - the yellow underneath appeared.

Being but very light yellow I helped a little with watercolor.

The white leaves are original on the commercial fabric which I got from

a very friendly lady, Isabelle, from whom we bought six chairs - second hand

- and found out that both of us love patchwork.

So I came home not only with 6 chairs but also with Pacific fabric scraps.




  1. Such a beautiful and original patch - as a former quilter I can appreciate the work that went into this, it's just beautiful. What serendipity to buy chairs from another quilter, and a generous one too.
    Lovely composition and use of the SOC red and yellow colours this week.

  2. Love your fabric piece for this week's theme. Happy SOC!

  3. Well done, that was a good shopping trip!
    It is always nice to meet someone with the same interest :-)
    And I love your red and yellow sample, very creative.

  4. this is not a fruit I have come across Anneliese but love what you have made here. Chairs are a good buy and you have got some lovely pieces of fabric, wait to see what you do with them now. Will pop over to your link but it did not work when I clicked on it so will type it into search and see what happens

  5. Lovely - very fresh and original! <3

  6. Oh what a wonderful collection of pretty fabrics!!. Perfect for this week's candy!

  7. How pretty your fabric art is!! Love your new goodies you got too, ENJOY!

  8. Love your quilted section with this weeks colors.

  9. The exotic fruit seems perfect for a summer challenge! I like the story behind how you got your fabric. It's great when creative people make connections.

  10. Lucky you, to get some fabric thrown in while buying chairs!
    Love what you have done with the fabric. Are those Wrapped Coral stitches?

  11. Oh how lovely! I love your SOC piece and your fabric scraps and beautiful chairs.

    Karen x

  12. Love your goodies!!! and your stitching and fabrics are so, so beautiful!!!!!

  13. I used that same technique last year during SOC2. But I didn't add the gorgeous hand stitching you added. Your piece is definitely over the top, especially with limited supplies. And you are very lucky to get all that fabric. Now you're ready for anything!

  14. Wow!! Love what you did. A very talented quilter. I love the cut outs and fabulous design. Great work. :)


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