29 Jul 2013

Sage and sepia - Summer of colors - last week

Sage and sepia -
A tomcat - decoration on the puppet theater
Leaves of our gum tree in Croatia
A monoprint on fabric

This should have been my entry for the last week of SOC - the summer of colors. I did not manage to be on time - but I want to show it anyway.
The theme was: Sage and sepia.


  1. I like all your examples, but I don't really see sage and sepia as summer colours. To me they would be more of autumnal colours... Anyway, I love your sketch of the gun tree leaves.

  2. Awe, I'm SO glad that you did! Thank you so much - I LOVE your tomcat and loved having you play along this year - yes, looking forward to doing it all again next year!
    Thank you, xoxo

  3. did not know you were an artist too Anneliese, so many talents you have.


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