8 Jul 2013


Even if it is boring for you I want to show my third pincushion - from all sides.

number two and three will be given away.

Bottom and top are glued together. But - oh my - it didn't keep
No problem - what for did I learn all those stitches from Sharon through the Tast challenge
The little balls are all glued onto a strong cardbord
The border is stuffed with wadding and then pulled over the upper part and
stuck into place on the bottom. And then a counter piece of cardbord - dressed
with fabric is glued against the bottom of the upper part.
With my red pincushion nothing came out as it should, so it is looking
a bit higher.



  1. Looking good. The one in red does look very Japanese.

  2. These pincushions are so pretty!

  3. What a neat pincushion idea and they look very nicely done too.

  4. these are great Anneliese,

  5. They look lovely. I'd be tempted to make one in every colour of the rainbow.


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