6 Jul 2013

Pin cushion

I am enthusiastic about my pin-cushions
As the border was not high enough I had to "mend" it a little with
the very interesting and practical stitch of SharonB's
Tast challenge. the up-and-down-feathered-buttonhole stitch. 61


  1. love it Anneliese, like you I have made a few so will put them on my blog within the next few days.

  2. As soon as I saw this picture on my Bloglovin list I knew it was from your blog!
    It's an unusual design, and the #61 stitch is a great addition.

  3. So pretty. And not so high that needles will disappear into it, which I have trouble with sometimes!

  4. It is a beautiful pin cushion. A clever stitch also.

  5. a great pin cushion Anneliese, I am also into making them at the moment as little projects but have not seen one like this before.


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