6 Jul 2013

Leaf - Tast challenge

A new stitch - wrapped coral stitch - the  Tast challenge stitch no. 72

SharonB of Pin Tangle said: This stitch produces a thick line for surface embroidery.
see more: http://pintangle.com/tast-faq/

A very nice and easy stitch. I used fil a broder, space-dyed.

The whole leaf up to now.

And I am using my new blogging "device"  Blogsy because Blogger refused to transmit photos lately all of a sudden. Big annoyance!
Besides I have to learn to handle and write on a new Computer.
Learn and you will stay young!


  1. this stitch looks good, must have a go and try and catch up with all the ones I missed, just checked and the last one I did was stitch 62, HELP

  2. Here again, just a glimps of the picture on Bloglovin list and I recognised your leaf. It is growing more and more beautiful.
    I am wondering when I will have problems with Blogger - I haven't yet, touch wood, but have read about so many others who have had sudden changes.
    #72 Wrapped Coral Stitch is great, don't you think?

  3. The wrapped coral stitch looks very nice with this thread. I'm looking forward to give it a try too.

  4. Love your leaf! So colourful, too.

  5. thought I had commented on this earlier but in case I did it wrong will say again how I like this stitch and it is about time I caught up as the last one I did was no 62, if you have a previous comment delete this one for me please!

  6. I haven't done a TAST stitch for months. This looks like a great stitch to learn.

  7. Your leaf and all your stitching looks wunderbar!


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