12 Jun 2013


My desk shrank again.
It is even very small, a mini table, a holiday table in our apartment, but it is near the sea and we are waiting for better weather.
Now you are thinking skies are blue, ok, but the wind is so strong that we have to hide in
the house or in a corner of the terrace.
But we are nevertheless happy.

From top left clockwise: I am reading my cook books, handwirtten ones, small, small
travel cook books - there will be an invitation shortly.
Then there is my ongoing embroidery
Next: small scraps of fabric to sew a needle cushion, the same which you can see to the left of the scraps
And finally a bird which I will fix on a tree outside with the wire,
not only one but six or seven.
For the pleasure of our guests.


  1. Your needle cushion is lovely and a blue one will be beautiful too. You show that even a small work table can be very productive.

  2. Such a lovely small table full of potential. I hope the wind stops soon.

  3. Even with a tiny desk you have such a variety of ongoing projects. Won't the birds a) fly away b) be blown away?

  4. good to see you have time for a bit of stitching whilst on holiday, hope the weather picks up for you both soon and you can enjoy some sunshine.

  5. Haha, shrinking tables are a common problem amongst crafters! I'm also enjoying your lovely photos from your trip, Croatia looks gorgeous.


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