11 Jun 2013

Tast stitches

Some new stitches on my leaf which I am filling in slowly
Left side: in yellow the slipped detached chain stitches
and in green buttonholed double chain.
I used very thin fil à broder in green
The slipped detached chain stitches

The stitch of today June 11, 2013, Tast stitch 70
crested chain stitch
The leaf is lying upside down now -
the green stitches are
buttonholed double chain stitches (69)


  1. This leaf is coming along beautifully. These is so much to see. What did you think of the Buttonholed Double Chain? Did it take you time to get used to it? I found it tricky, but once mastered, fun.

  2. leaf coming along a treat wonder if the next one will be from a different tree.

  3. Love that leaf, it is beautiful.

  4. Great idea to use those stitches on a leave, it's going to be pretty!

  5. This sampler of stitches is coming along so beautifully. It is colourful and a wonderful way to highlight the stitches.

  6. Your leaf sampler is just wonderful. I love the colours and the way you have arranged the stitches. You are such a creative and clever lady.


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