8 Jun 2013

I am sitting on it .....

My saddle dress is finished

I am inserting the handmade cord with a thick needle

side view of the designer dress

in our Holiday town in Croatia
Island Hvar in the Adriatic sea (off Split, the main Harbour in central Dalmatia)

my every day horse

my saddle with the
spiral granny squares

the designer dress in its full beauty

The how-to I found at Elizza's you tube crocheting



  1. Just beautiful!!! Don't forget to undress your saddle before parking the bicycle, or it might not be there when you return!

  2. Well done on the finish. Your saddle dress is beautiful. It will be the best dressed bike in town.

  3. beautiful designer saddle - have a lovely vacation in that beautiful area :)

  4. love your saddle cushion Anneliese, be careful it does not get removed by `sticky fingers` when parked up

  5. So very gorgeous! I hope you enjoy many miles upon that lovely seat... I would have added extra padding. Ha!


  6. Nice and beautiful dress for your saddle.


  7. What a brilliant idea, and it look pretty too !!

  8. Such a cool idea and I'm admiring your summer weather in your photographs. Grey and cold here today.

  9. Have you noticed that the blue in the saddle dress matches the blue sky? If I would create one, it would be a mixture of light grey, medium grey and dark grey ;(

  10. Fanciest bike seat in all the world!! You are one clever lady. The background of your holiday place looks so so beautiful. Lovely blue skies, so hope you are enjoying some warm summer weather at last xxx Di.

  11. anneliese I love this it must get a lot of nice comments when you are out and about.


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