18 Jun 2013


 It is our gumtree - eucalyptus tree - on the terrace
which attracts birds of a strange and seldom kind - migratory birds
hatched during winter in Germany
searching sun but also shade

Careful - they might feel disturbed

Coming closer

They are tree climbers
                                                 Oh, a different one - a giant grasshopper
                                   he jumped away in less than a second when I drew nearer

Beautiful bouquet found in the fields by Edith, the violinist
what a lovely present

Quite a job to find so many different flowers and beautiful grasses out in the "pampa"
everything will soon be very dry -
but then lavender will be blooming and spreading its scent all over the island.
And we gathered under the gumtree in the shade
with sparkling wine - two birthdays were celebrated
(I am the only one facing the camera - in the Background)


  1. Sparkling wine, good friends, summer sun (and shade) what more could you want?

  2. I love your birds in the gumtree - and a lovely place to sit with friends.

  3. You tease! I was indeed afraid the birds would fly away! They are lovely and look happy climbing the trees, or are they fixed there with wire?
    You are having a wonderful holiday. Enjoy.

  4. what a lovely time you must have had with all your friends. Your gum tree is a totally different colour to mine,makes for a lovely spot to hold your party

  5. Oh happy days with friends!! Lovely birds in the trees :-) very colourful indeed!!


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