1 May 2013

WOYWW 204 - keyboard quilt no. 2

Dustcover for keyboard - or dust catcher, keyboard quilt
it is no. 2 -
We need another one and here it is in the machine.
10 Minutes ago I still sat there and sewed the staves
Now a decision has to be made - how will I go on
and it is better to take a break and think it over.


  1. Hi Anneliese that looks like a lovely project you have there gorgeous colours x

  2. Nice dustcover! Beautiful fabrics. Happy Wednesday! Hugs, SueC#107

  3. what pretty fabric and a great thing to be making I need covers for several craft machines
    Happy WOYWW I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and get some time for crafting
    Ria #113

  4. Ja, Pausen sind immer wichtig oder mal überschlafen. Jedenfalls bin ich neugierig, wie es weiter geht. Dein erster Keyboardquilt ist toll gelungen, schön, wie du die Texte schreibst!
    Habe nochmals über C.Trentini nachgedacht. Ich kenne einige ihrer Werke, es könnte aber auch sein, dass ich sie in Birmingham gesehen habe, bin mir nicht mehr so sicher, wo es war. Sorry! Jedenfalls sind ihre Miniquilts und ebenso ihre großen luftigen Arbeiten sehr beeindruckend.

  5. Wonderful, jewel bright colours on this quilt!

  6. Ohooo Lovely!looks like you've been very busy!
    Happy Very late WOyWW!

    (((Lyn))) #142

  7. Yes, a break in the work is often the answer to the question. Have a Break - Have a Think!

  8. Ooooo, pretty colors and pretty fabrics. Hope to see it when it's done.

    Happy creating and happy woyww!

    Sandy #16

  9. I am sure this one will be as lovely as the other one when completed

  10. What a beautiful dust cover. April #122


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