29 May 2013

The castle in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary

The castle in this little town of 38.000 inhabitants was built onto ruins of the Roman settlement in the 13th century, fortified 300 years later. Today it is part of the Western-Hungarian University's Dept. of Agriculture and Food Industry thanks to the foundation in 1818 by Duke Albert Casimir of Saxony Teschen, son-in-law of Maria Theresia (Queen of Hungary) in 1818.
I took of photo of his bust in bronze which you can see further down.

(The text is from the Tourist Information leaflet)


The entrance over a water ditch

The fortifying can be seen very well here
in the tunnel of the entrance

This is behind the fortifying wall - part of the today's University
a very impressive building, it might have been a stronghold

The lake behind the Castle

We made a round and see it now from this side

The founder of the University Duke Albert Casimir of Saxony-Teschen

an inner court -

Invitation for a ball


not the end


  1. I really enjoyed the trip around the sights of Mosonmagyarovar, Anneliese, what a fascinating little town - thank you so much for sharing.

  2. interesting to see other countries and their buildings but what caught my eye mist was the wonderful lake with such a clear reflection in it, did you dip your toe in it.


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