28 May 2013

Recycled sari silk bag

I had one ball of recycled sari silk and started to crochet a bag with it.
To finish off and to make the strip I used a red crochet yarn - the colour in the photo is not at all the real one..
I did not finish yet - I stuck. I did not like anymore the zipper, so I took it out again (no photo up to now).
Now it is waiting for Inspiration  untill I am back from our holidays.
But I like the strip - I will keep this.

The photo is too blueish

The lining

This is more the real colour but still not satisfying

Again, what should be red in this photo looks like pink.
I crocheted a Rumanian style strip which you can see on a video
click here


  1. Cameras are funny! Your bag is nice and full of structure. Have a think and you will know what to do to complete it.

  2. the sari ribbon has crocheted up a treat, well done I would never have thought it would work. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Very bright and beautiful. Love those sari strips!!!


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