30 May 2013

Rain - Szigetköz - Schüttinsel

Weather report!

Out of the moving car -
driving through the next village -
We returned to the hotel because of non-stopping rain.
Szigetköz (Schüttinsel) means island - surrounded by the rivers Danube and Moson-Danube, built by the alluvial deposit of the river Danube.

The country is flat

It must be wonderful ---- when it is not raining ----

They say: for lovers of water-tours, for kayakists or canoeists,
quarry lakes as fishermen's paradise - and
part of the international cycle route Eurovelo 6 along the Danube.
And it is true, biking is easy with so many low-traffic dams and side-roads.

Finished our "watertour" by car!


  1. At least you aren't a on biking holiday! Rain can be wonderful if you are sheltered. The sound of raindrops on the canvas covers of a boat, the smell of wet soil from the garden when you sit indoors... And time to quilt!?

  2. I do hope the rwin had finally stopped and you are enjoying your holiday, dry here in UK (for a change) maybe you should have come here instead!


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