31 May 2013

Museum in Mosonmagyarovar Hungary

We made a visit in the Museum - the Cselley house
with furniture, paintings (a donation of a private gentleman), a Roman lapidarium and the church with crypta

He greeted us in the entrance

Now looking at paintings

and you looking at us

We are in the lapidarium - old Roman collection  of stones, such als sculptures
sarcophagus', epitaphs and tombstones - 3rd century

They are airing the room
through thick walls

open window and the green wall on the opposite building

more stones

 I took the photo through this flap on the right from inside the lapidarium

again St. Gotthard

the nave

All this was included in the entrance fee. A lady led us through everything, also the crypta
I would have preferred walking on my own.
Well,  she had the keys and switched the lights on and off.



  1. I wish my trips to the dentist looked like your visits here! What wonderful Roman artifacts!

  2. What a VERY nice pic of you and DH!! Lovely to see you . Your trip looks wonderful. Take care and enjoy ☺

  3. I made one comment but then had to sign in so I shall saya again that it is lovely to see you and DH!

  4. can see you enjoyed your visit and see that the rain has stopped. lovely photo of you with your DH

  5. How great to see you both in such an amazing place.
    I see you dropped by an old blog ...I never did get my head in the right place to diet so I've not posted for well over a year, My general everyday/crafting/ animal, and up to date blog, is 'Shozzy's Place' and my Family History one, that also needs my attention, is 'Glimpsing the Past'. Just thought I would let you know incase you wondered where my WOYWW4 was !!! Take Care xx

  6. Not bad to have a private guide!

  7. Great picture of you and your DH...and great artifacts and buildings...What a wonderful holiday you are having!


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