1 May 2013

Keyboard quilt No. 1

The keyboard-quilt  no. 1 finished

lying on the floor
the cut-out part is for the music-stand

Detail - it is all over quilted with text of the songs
which DH is playing regularly such as:

Take love easy, easy, easy --- take it breezy, breezy, breezy ---
The nearness of you...
When  I take my sugar to tea - all the boys are jealous of me
.....(which I like most)....
When I get older losing my hair...

And I made a small section of the componists of my poor playing (I am a beginner)
who are Clementi, Burgmüller, Mozart, Beethoven 

That's it

And here the surroundings
(with a Mexican tablecloth in the foreground


  1. Lovely - clever idea to quilt the words of the songs.

  2. I love the way you have have added words from the song, very pretty!

  3. A great new touch to your home! Are the words quilted by hand or machine?

  4. Very pretty - should save you dusting! Is it free motion quilting. I wish I could do that darned free motion quilting. It looks so easy in the videos. Practising at the moment, but nothing I would show anyone!

  5. Really very neat and cheerful!

  6. Oh Anneliese I had a little laugh as I read keyboard cover and thought it was a computer keyboard but no it is a msicical one, a great job you have done here.

  7. Your cover is a piece of music itself. I like how you've included song lyrics!


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