29 May 2013

Dental journey

A walk through the little town of Mosormagyarovar in Hungary

Dental journey on our way to Croatia.

People come here to have their teeth repaired, pulled out, replaced, whitened, cleaned, everything.
People who can´t or won´t afford it in their own countries.
Tooth-suffering people from France - Germany - Austria - Denmark - and from certainly many more countries,

and me.

One of the many small churches, the Saint Gotthard church

The conversation

with this noble gentleman:  Erzherzog Friedrich von Habsburg
 (archduke Friedrich of the House of Habsburg)

he lived from 1856 - 1936 and had a palace in this town.

buildings reminding of Austrian-Hungarian times


coffee is good and the variety as great as in Austria

a Patron of a Bridge

good shelter for black pigeons

street for pedestrians with nice little Shops

I liked the chimneys

There will shortly by more photos

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