28 Apr 2013

Rouffach in Alsace, France

Coming back from France we are usually passing a wonderful little town in Alsace.
Rouffach, known already in 662 as Rubiaco and 600 years later as Rubiacum*
(4574 inhabitants *- Wikipedia)

We parked our car 
and were looking back from where we came

small passage and a glimpse on to the church Notre Dame de l'Assomption
roman and gothic style

looking at the church through leaves

an old well

and an entrance

no car passage

searching for a café

again the cathedral which is really a church

and finally the church
of course it did not fit into my camera
(and I am afraid of using third-party photos)

market place

our coffee and DH just lifted his cup away
we sat at the

...restaurant A l'ours Noir - restaurant  Black Bear
how I saw it with my cuppa in my hand...
We enjoyed this little sightseeing tour


  1. Mmmmm! How VERY beautiful, Anneliese. It takes me back to our visit to France when we took our daughter, aged three. She told EVERYONE she was going on a big airplane to "Switzerland, Francerland and Germany"! Thanks for a lovely little tour!

  2. Such lovely photos, they would make lovely paintings.
    Thank you for showing them.

  3. I just tried to reply and nothing is showing! My German is VERY lacking so maybe I chose the wrong button? Anyway, this is gorgeous, Anneliese. A lovely little dream for a wet Sunday afternoon. Reminds me of taking our three year old daughter overseas years ago. She told everyone she was going on a big airplane to "Switzerland, Francerland and Germany"!

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  5. I enjoyed your little sightseeing tour, too! Thank you for sharing! The weather looks lovely.

  6. Beautiful French scenes, Anneliese. Your pictures look like the ones I take - seeing all the fascinating designs in architecture etc. Yes, all this copyright stuff makes us scared to re=print anything!!

  7. this little town looks so peaceful and quaint, wonder if it gets lots of visitors in the summer or remains peaceful

  8. Such lovely photos, Anneliese. I enjoyed the little tour of the town.


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