30 Apr 2013

Nadelwelt Karlsruhe 2013

Ein paar Bilder von der Nadelwelt Karlsruhe, Ausstellung und Verkauf für Patchwork und alles was mit Nähen zu tun hat.
A few photos of this exhibiton of a few well-known quilt artists and of course many vendors with wonderful things - what we need or think to need. A great temptation for us quilters.


Public bath near the entrance
I was impressed by the following quilts
but ---- there have been many more which would have been worthwhile taking photos of
My absolute favorite - Grietje van der Veen
you would think it is a photo but it is all sewn with fabrics  see more
(an interview by Grudrun Heinz with Grietje)

sewn in a class by Nancy Crow

Stoffwerke by Cécile Trentini
Daily Beauty: 365 Ways to Play With Everyday Quilt Embellishments
it s a book and you can have a look inside
beautiful small works by Cécile Trentini
also from the class of Nancy Crow.

Brigitte Morgenroth
all silks
Maija Brummer
very delicate and transparent - enjoy more quilts when you 
by Pia Welsch

I was leaving when others had their break to meet DH who was patiently waiting
in a café and in our shopping mall looking at electronics and so on ...
or what they do when they are on their own. Smile!


  1. Amazing work by Grietje van der Veen. It certainly does look like a photograph. The work of Cecile is also fascinating. Thanks for sharing your day and the quilts with us, Anneliese and also the links to see more - appreciated.

  2. Such beautiful quilts by very talented people. The first one you show is amazing.

  3. European quilts are really colourful and graphic! Not like the taupe and romantic quilts you often find here in Japan!

  4. Danke für deinen Bericht über Karlsruhe! Mich haben die Werke von Grietje in Einbeck überaus beeindruckt, auch die von Cécile Trentini - ich glaube, es war im Elsaß, dass ich sie einige Male bewundern konnte. Sehr interessant auch dein letzter Post, ich kannte die von dir vorgestellt Stadt nicht.
    Alles Liebe

  5. I always find it amazing how there is never an end to quilt creations, there is always something new :-)
    My DH brings a book :-))

  6. I like the same one as you Anneliese and also like the second one by Nancy Crow.


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