7 Feb 2013

Woollen cover

I am advancing a little.
At the same time it means that I have no opportunity to sit for hours at the iPad
It will change again - and I long to read blogs - but I have to wait patiently.....

The last blueish-greenish wool threads are so thin that I had to use 3 threads at a time. But then I saw that they are nevertheless too thick. So after the corner I am using now only two.
The reason why the latest corner is larger than the others.


  1. Hello Anneliese, thank you so much for visiting me. This square is beautiful, so intricate and so beautifully knitted! I look forward to seeing the finished piece. Belated Happy WOYWW, Anne x #34

  2. This is interesting, Anneliese. How is it done? It is very tidy work as always.

  3. this is coming along well, I really like the bit with various greens and black in, green is my favourite colour.

  4. on the first picture I didn't understant that it is so small. what a patience

  5. Du kommst richtig gut voran. Super!


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