14 Feb 2013

Triangular feather stitch

Take a stitch Tuesday 52

If you are not familiar with this one-year-lasting free challenge of SharonB in Australia
you will find information here

I am making just short seams of the stitches as it will be s
a small purse - Japanese style

I made a double line of the stitch - it is on top

On the second side I just made three stitches in purple
I will add more embellishment -


  1. This stitch has some possibilities!

  2. I've done something similar to the top one, but mine is not quite so neat [not taken a photo yet]. I think it works well as you've done it in the purple.

  3. By making two rows of Triangle Feathers and whipping the middle line you have created something that is almost like a braid.
    You have also shown that the TF can look excellent as a detached stitch. The group of lines in just one stitch is lovely.
    Thank you!

  4. This is going to be a lovely purse as the fabric is so beautiful, and lovely stitches.

  5. works well Anneliese, must get going and do one myself, you havwe some lovely shades of blue in this purse

  6. I like this stitch Anneliese and you have made a great example.

  7. This is striking on the blue fabric! I have to catch up on TAST.

  8. I like your double row of triangular feather stitches!

  9. Beautiful stitching and the fabric looks lovely.


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