5 Feb 2013

Tast 2013 - new stitches

I made two new stitches of Tast 2013
the knotted feather stitch -
and the inverted feather stitch.
I won't make small samples this time but insert the stitches to current projects.
It will look like that

I made this crazy draw string purse some years ago and
I will again make it and embellish the seams with the 2013 Tast stitches.
And here are the latest achievements from my two bamboo knitting needles:


  1. Anneliese, I love both your ideas! crazy purse and knitted "log cabin" are wonderful! (I'm dreaming to make something like this too :) )

  2. It is interesting to see how you have used the Inverted Feather stitch as a group of detached stitches.

  3. That's a very pretty bag, it would be nice to see it with TAST 2013 stitches. And wow for your knitting! I thought you were going to knit squares, but this is much more fun.

  4. the knitting piece looks very nice, are you making it into a blanket of sort? i also like the draw string purse a lot.

  5. Your drawstring bag looks lovely and will look great covered with TAST stitches.

  6. your bag is going to be wonderful, a great idea to use the stitches in a project rather than just samples.Will be interesting to see how you will use the raised herringbone. Not seen log cabin knitted before, looks quite complicated to me

  7. The drawstring purse is very pretty!
    The inverted feather stitch...don't know, it doesn't speak to me ;(

  8. wow, knitting has progressed well. but is it difficult to work like this ?


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