23 Feb 2013


Birds of a feather -  hm scraps  -

Here they are - talking on which branch they would prefer to sit

it seems they all have hanging heads
that's because they are kind of lying on the blanket
The down right one happened to be sewn on the false side of fabric
(itis like me!!!)
So "he" got flower stitched on "his" body.

I made ten - but one got lost during photographing

One has got a real stitched feather as wing

Most of them will not be embellished - the fabric does the work

Bird's sit-in
A conference about when to fly out

Another quilted flower
I love this batik fabric

The quilt is finished - everything - even the tunnel
I am waiting for nice weather to document it


  1. They look great sitting in a circle like that. Scatter a few grains of corn in the middle and they will stay for ever! Hope their friend flew back to the nest eventually.

  2. Love those birds Anneliese!

  3. they are so pretty! what a lovely gathering :)

  4. Great birds and amusing text - I can see you are having a good time with the birds. By the way, I love their tails; I have a similar pattern for a soft toy bird, but the tail is not as impressive.
    I hope the weather improves so we can see your new quilt in full. The details are attractive.

  5. They are wonderful! You are right, the fabric does most of the work, but the embroidered feather is a nice touch too. Looking forward to seeing your quilt.

  6. Love these little birds, Anneliese! They are so sweet!

  7. Love these little birds, Anneliese. hey are so sweet!

  8. Lovely photo of the birds in conference. They are beautiful birds.

  9. beautiful birds here Anneliese, the circle reminds me of how the magpies behave in the field opposite and how when I had a cat they used to surround her in the garden and I would have to go a and chase them away. Wonder of the missing one has returned to the roost yet or is he still being naughty. They would make a lovely mobile for a child`s room. Can`t wait to see your finished quilt.

  10. I love the birds Anneliese, They are gorgeous. I like their lovely flat fan tails. The fabrics are lovely and the embellishments look good.

    your quilt fabric and the quilting are wonderful.

  11. I really love the nice little feather stitch touch. I think we should have a bird party...you have inspired me to make some too!
    happy stitching!

  12. Hallo Anneliese,
    man merkt, du hattest deinen Dpaß mit den Vogerln. Sie sind auch allerliebst. Die Quiltdetails sind großartig und ich bin auf das Gesamtwerk gespannt.
    Ich habe diesmal das PW-Geschäft nicht besucht, es ist aber sehr nett und gleich hinter Notre Dame am linken Seineufer. Es gehörte einer Amerikanerin, die so in den 70er Jahren quasi Pioniersarbeit in Frankreich geleistet hat. Habe in einer französischen Zeitung gelesen - und wenn ich alles richitg verstanden habe, ist die urprüngliche Besitzerin verstorben. Das Geschäft dürfte aber von ihrer Tochter weiter geführt werden. Allemal einen BHesuch wert.

    Liebe Grüße aus dem völlig verschneiten Wien

  13. Thank you for becoming a follower :-)

    I love this. I like the way the colours of the birds work together, warm colours with just that hint of cool.

  14. Your birds look terrific! I've seen a number of other sites with similarly made birds and they all look so nice. Perhaps after my current project I'll make a bird of two. Your quilt is looking wonderful as well and the batik fabric looks lovely to work with.

  15. really I love your birds. I must find time to try them !


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