24 Jan 2013

Decoration with leaves

The idea came suddenly. I took a wonderful Liberty fabric
 - already in my stash for nearly 20 years -
 and some synthetic felt
and made a sandwich, the same fabric on both sides.
With the machine I went free-hand quilting over the piece. 
Next, the rotary cutter helped to create leaf shapes.
When I had enough greenery I had still left a piece to cut a long stem.
Of course the leaves and stem were whip stitched with satin stitch 
and then sewn together
Do not water them
The leaves in a glass vase

The colours are so different - the pictures were taken on our low black slate table in the living room and on the dining table und in warm light -  with a dry hidrangea.


  1. What a great idea! reminds me of autumn colours, very pretty! - Gaia

  2. Annaliese this is a wonderful leaf you have come up with, another technique to add to the "list of I want to do"

  3. What a wonderful idea! The leaves look stunning.

  4. Now I understand why you were in a good mood after your iron disaster.

  5. Very lovely project! I have just ordered a new sewing machine, great inspirationx

  6. Che idea fantastica!!!!!!!! Mai visto niente di simile : bravissima:-)))

  7. It sounds very easy and it looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing how you made this.

  8. What a neat idea and very nicely done. What lovely looking fabric to work with too.

  9. Brilliant idea, Anneliese! I really like these leaves.

  10. These look great and have not seen anything like them before! Keep having your wonderful ideas.

  11. They remind me of some green ones I made a few years back, but yours are so much prettier.

  12. You are amazing me with all your projects Anneliese. I love these leaves. They are great.


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