28 Dec 2012

The Day before Christmas...

....it was looking like that on our table - not my working table but the dining table
It was so spectacular that I took a thermal image of this still life
to abstract things a little.
The table was covered with books, greeting cards, envelopes, 
catalogues, coffee and cookies in the china bowl.
The bowl is white but in the thermal image it shows red
with a blue shade
it seems to be warmer than other objects on the table
The thermal image
I went to my orderly room and started to make the little quilt ....
(36 x 27 cm)
and a great disorder
I read somewhere - if I knew where I would be happy and could
thank the blogger for this idea -
"if you don't really want to make big things just make small"
So I took the thermal image and made a quick sketch
without taking measures or anything like that.
Just a few pencil strokes
I cut out the major shapes -
the mug and the bowl.
then I was looking for the right scraps in one of my
scrap bags
The plate and mug are made from hand-dyed fabric
all in the thermal image colours
every scrap top-stitched and free machine quilted.
I did, I undid and redid again the binding
(till DH was satisfied)
and me, too.
I wrote a text on the bottom by machine which says:
The Day before Christmas at A&D's




  1. Wow Anne Liese this is very cool and beautiful! What a great idea to do a thermal image!

  2. I do like the abstract effect, and the bowl specially.

  3. What a fantastic idea! Such fun.

  4. what imagination you have Anneliese, must check out my camera but I do not think I have a thermal image on it no just looked no such luck. The quilt is lovely and will remind you of Xmas eve whenever you look at it.

  5. It sounds so easy the way you tell about this little quilt. Never knew inspiration could come from a disordered table.
    I wish you all the best for 2013!

  6. How interesting! The result is just stunning! It just shows that we can get inspirations from the most unexpected places. Well done!!!

  7. What an excellent photograph/image Anneliese. I love it. And indeed a great way to interpret the image in fabric!!!

  8. It is very nice annelise.
    I wish you an happy new year.

  9. I don't know what a thermal image is but you the resulting quiltlet is awesome! There is hope for my mess after all!


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