11 Dec 2012

Buttonhole eyelet flower

Tast2012 of SharonB at Pintangle brought this new stitch -
the buttonhole eyelet flower
It is made up of a buttonhole flower with
bullion petals around it
My fabric was plain and simple so I made a razor foam print.
The foam is sprayed on to a flat rectangular plate
or whatever you have,
then you take your fantasy and textile colours
in my case I thought of fir tree branches
as Christmas is coming near-
The strokes however are a bit thick - I know.
Then you take your fabric and place it on the coloured foam.
The colour will come off when
you go gently over the fabric with your hand.
Carefully take the fabric off the foam - a little
 bit of the foam will stick to the fabric which does not matter.
Carefully scrape it off the fabric with a trade card,
some of the colour will smear if you don't take care.
Let it dry and fix the colour by ironing from the backside.




  1. your flower are so cute ! I love them !

  2. Lovely, your flowers look so Christmassy and cheerful too!

  3. It looks stunning, and I love the idea of printing using shaving foam. I must try it with the children in one of my classes.
    Top stuff.

  4. So very nice as always Anneliese. You have such a creative streak!!! I love your shaving foam background. I really must try that technique!! I also must comment on your beautiful header photograph. It looks so very Northern Hemisphere, and so wintery, ie different from this searing heat day in and day out!!

  5. Your little bunch of flowers for TAST is very pretty Anneliese and your tatting!! WOW you are getting really good at it. The crochet and tatted ornaments are delightful. Well done!

  6. this is a new technique to me Anneliese, has worked very well and love the flowers.

  7. It is a really pretty picture :-)

  8. It is a really pretty picture :-) I love your new header!

  9. That's a great idea to try with the shaving foam - I would never have thought of it. And your embroidery is stunning as usual. I have to comment on your wonderful header picture too. In NZ we are getting hot and bothered and a little bit sunburnt!


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