14 Dec 2012

Buttonhole eyelet flower and berry stitch

I published already the buttonhole eyelet flower stitch
and ----
the berry stitches are just fitting in very well
they represent the flower buds
and a detail
the background is still the razor foam printed one

Now the bud ----  hm the berry stitch alone
this was the detail

Here is the complete berry stitch embroidery -
the background is again razor foam print - I made wavy moves
through with foam with the rest of the colour

And what I see looking out of our livingroom window 

and nearer like that - waters are rising

A neighbour said today that she never saw inundations
and she was living 80 years in this village
Well she is 80.
It is but December - autumn!!
what will be when snow is melting


  1. It is scary to think of snow melting and bringing flood waters. There is flooding in England now too.
    Your stitching is beautiful.

  2. oh yes these two stitches compliment each other so very well,

    Weather does not look good but as you say it is December

  3. Your embroidery is lovely Anneliese, so bright and cheerful. You are always so creative. I hope your weather improves, and if you don't want all that water, send it our way please.........LOL... Take care on your roads, and have a happy and safe Christmas. Thank you for the love and friendship we've shared this year.

  4. wow! ...die blumen sind toll!!!
    viele grüße

  5. This is beautiful Anneliese and your picture at the top is wonderful too! My family in law is from Alsace (France) and the fields there are flooded too.
    Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true in 2013!


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