18 Nov 2012

Sunday walk

After a seemingly eternity of grey sky
we saw the sun
 and went out at noon
not far from our village
maybe a 10 minutes drive 

rose hips make a beautiful contrast
against the blue sky


deer stand - there are quite a number of them
and we saw two roedeer jumping over the field
of course I had the camera not prepared
that's why you can't see them
I don't know what is growng here
it might be green fertilizer

quite a large field of it

beech forest as it is looking in autumn
I like those straight tree trunks



  1. I enjoyed my stroll with you from my warm kitchen.

  2. Thank you for the walk :-)

  3. The purple flowers are called Phacelia or it's latin name is Phacelia tanacetifolia. In NZ it is used as a green crop to be dug back in or to attract beneficial insects. Looks lovely en masse.


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