16 Nov 2012

Magic chain stitch

                              The new stitch of Tast2012 by SharonB 
           Its name is checkered or magic chain stitch and if you want to know
                      how it is managed then have a look here at Pin Tangle
I made a Paisley motive
at least I think it is one
and added a few little embroideries around the motive
for I wanted to use up the remaining ends of threads
I am stitching on very old linnen
I washed it and it shrank by 10 percent


  1. Colurful and beautiful !!!!

  2. love your magic chain Anneliese. The paisley is a good design to show the stitch to advantage.

  3. a great way to show off this stitch
    Hope you are now feeling much better Anneliese

  4. It is a very nice colorful paisley motive. The design reminds me of something, I haven't discovered yet what???

  5. your paisleys are nice and colorful ! I like it


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