30 Nov 2012

Arrowhead stitch

This time I used a range of different threads
for the Tast stitch
the arrowhead

I started with the white perlé 8 on top towards the bottom
using multi-coloured mouliné, silk ribbon, bugle beads,
fil à broder and the last is one thread of the mouliné.
then I went back to the top and added a row
of multi-coloured seed beads.
The backside is packed with rows of thread
This photo is taken with artificial light
It shows practically the real colours -
much better than the photo of the front side
which I took at daylight.


  1. wow this has worked brilliantly

  2. Who knows..taking pictures by artificial light might be the solution to "wrong" colors.
    Sometimes I try to adjust the "wrong" colors in the Photo software, but that is not always successful.

  3. Deine Übung ist sehr schön geworden, die Farben gefallen mir sehr!

  4. This bowl for sweets is in itself Eya Candy! A beautiful peice, even the back is stunning!

  5. your work is very nice. it is interesting to sse its back


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