19 Oct 2012

More patchwork retreat pictures

Angelika sent me some more photos:

Sparkling wine break

Prost - zum Wohl - cherio - a votre santé - and so on....

This is how disappearing nine-patch starts: after having joined the 9 patches
into one block - a nine-patch block, it is cut vertically and horizontally in the middle and what you get are 4 smaller blocks. You can join them now
al gusto. Many block means many variations. The block in the middle
will end up in the small squares, so it will be very effective when you
choose one or two specific colours - in my case the solid ones in red, yellow
and a few in light blue.

I fixed it on the wall.


Here is Angelika's colour combination for the lasagne quilt

"quilt as you go" - by joining a set of about 4 strips
on to the back - which is a fleece blanket (and nothing else).
Lovely warm and cuddly.
Angelika chose a honey coloured one (not to be seen)


  1. I understand the disappearing nine patch. Thank you!

  2. thankyou Anneleise for the explanation and instruction to a beginner, so many things I want to try, help I have been up since 4.20 this morning and there is still not enough time for me to do all I want to do!!

  3. Nice photo of you Anneliese. You probably sewed better after that sparkly he he he. Your colours always appeal to me and the nine patch is an example. Cheers Dianne.


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