24 Oct 2012

Knotted loop - and Italian border stitch

Some of you will know that I could not stand my threads and fabrics anymore lately or vice versa - they could not stand me - sneezing and coughing as I was and much more - it seems that this cold will be over in 5 days from now - hopefully.

This is my excuse for crowding two stitches into one sample.
I started in the middle with yellow and orange
I wanted to create different shapes, organic ones and ended up
with centipedes - at least DH thinks so.
Also the lower border is made by knotted loop stitches.
I filled the upper third with Italian border stitches and
added some more French knots because
they fit in everywhere and are fun to make -

and because I have a cyberfriend who
recommends to put some in.


  1. LOL, it wouldn't be the same without the French knots!!! Like a sprinkling of pixie dust, they give your stitching the ability to fly high.
    Very nice sample - I hope your cold goes away sooner rather than later. More chicken soup and rest, please.

  2. It is lovely, Anneliese! Well done.

  3. So sorry to hear you have been so sick. Lovely sampler, and as always, great colours. Do take care. Will write soon, life very hectic here at the moment. Thinking of you. BTW, I agree, french knots go with everything..........LOL.

  4. oh yes the french knots add so much life to your centipedes.

    Hope the cold is well on the way to going now


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