30 Aug 2012

Pekinese and Double LInked Chain stitches

Coming back to my blog after some time - well I was stitching - but time did not allow me to blog. Internet connection and summerhouse does not go together well.
So here it is - the Pekinese stitch for Tast2012 week 33 - I imagined a pond with water lilies.
I will take it again - I did not realize that part of the photo is missing
And here is my sample for the Linked Double Chain stitch (Tast2012 week 34)
The beginning of each line looks like little forks - I liked this idea.
and all together like the Mikado play of sticks which we played as children.
I used a space-died thread which I bought at an exhibition


  1. Every time you surprise me with original use of the TAST stitches. I still have to catch up!

  2. Your samples are always so creative Anneliese. Lovely to see them on your blog again. Hope things are well in your world. We used to play pick up sticks a lot when we were children. What a beautiful thread, so bright and cheerful. Take care.

  3. your water lilies are very nice. what sort of threads have you used to stitch them ?

  4. I love the designs you have used for all the stitches here, Anneliese. We used to play with those coloured sticks too, we called them Fiddle Sticks. It was indeed a fiddly game to play. You have a wonderful way with colours!! Good to be back reading and surfing the blogs again.


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