1 Aug 2012

Oyster stitch and a wooden guy

This guy does nothing but keep the fence straight – the old barb wired one - which can't really be seen on the photo.
And he is looking towards our house, the new old one - the one we are renovating in the following 100 years - smile - then we will be nearly 200 years old and looking like the fence pole - wrinkled but hopefully upright standing like he - smile again.

I hope "he" will still be there very long

There is still time to make a few stitches now and then -

This is my oyster stitch and
my friend Dianne recocknized very well our present life in this design.
Whirling around between Germany and France,
in house construction markets, water supply offices and
electricty suppliers.


  1. Such a great face and I love his haircut! So stylish for such an old soul.


  2. This is really nice stitching, Anneliese :-)

  3. I tried three times to comment on my laptop last night (it is new) and the stupid keyboard is hard to control and I deleted three times. I just wanted to say how I truly love your whirly oyster piece. It has so much movement and is very clever indeed. That wooden guy is looking out for you - does he have Algerian eyes perhaps? TAST stitching is not going to happen for me this week - too busy packing etc. Bye, Dianne.

  4. Your whirly oysters remind me of the low pressure areas that keep coming and going. The grey oysters are the drops of rain of course.

  5. What a grand old fence post Anneliese, still doing it's job!! You are certainly very busy at the moment. I love your whirling oyster stitch sample. It makes me think of our cyclones, which I suppose we will hear about in the not too distant future - surely this winter can't go on forever............

  6. I agree with Dianne-very nice oyster.

  7. this old man is really funny, and your oyster stitch sampler is lovely

  8. Hi, Anneliese--love that old tree stump and wish he was in my garden. Great face! Beautiful embroidery too. I like your colors, and such impeccable stitching. Stay cool!
    best, nadia

  9. Hi Anneliese I love the old tree stump too. Your embroideries are always wonderful and creative.


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