9 Aug 2012

Algerian stitch

This is my Algerian stitch experiment. I used different yarns and threads.

I began with these geometric stitches

and then thought that it is not for me although I like it.

You have to be very disciplinary to continue like that.

See the detail photo – I like the different leaf shapes.

The sky was blue - though a little covered - so this  photo
has the blues.

And here after wind and rain

a natural leaf


  1. I like it, Anneliese! Nice textures particulrly in the second picture. Very nice!

  2. I like the way you used the stitch. It now looks like you made it yur own.

  3. I like the design you have created with the Algerien Eye stitch Anneliese.
    That leave with the lovely raindrops could inspire you with the natural arrangement of the drops.

  4. I like your Algerian leaves! But the geometric design is pretty too. I like stitching these kind of stitches on Aida, it's much easier to count!

  5. Visiting your blog, I see lovely stitching!!!

  6. The geometric stitching is very nice, but I like the free way you have used it in the leaves. Great photo of the natural leaf.


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