4 Jul 2012

WISP - Buttonhole wheels and Palestrina stitches

I made the buttonhole wheels some time ago. I completed the yellow flowers with these stitches. I did not cut any fabric off the patches just the seams.
On the left are a few Palestrina stitches on another patch.
The second photo shows how it has been. I didn't like the red stitches and undid them.


  1. It's an interesting looking piece you're working on.

  2. The photos did not show up on my computer Anneliese, but the previous ones did. I am just missing the buttonhole wheels.

  3. This is such a fun way to use up all the stitches we are learning in TAST. The buttonhole wheels work in really well with that particular fabric. Love the whole idea.

  4. Completing the flowers outside the fabric is a very nice effect.


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