8 Jul 2012

Bonnet stitch

Week 27 of Tast brought the Bonnet stitch to us -
I made an effort to finish it and post it on Flickr and Stitching Fingers and now here
before the new weeks starts with new duties

I call it "Over and under with Bonnet stitch"
As a focal point I added a few beads.
I bought the variegated green-blue thread and I used perlé 8 and 5.
Stitching the last upper row in green-blue I had the feeling that something
should still happen on this sampler. A few very long stitches made it and
they looked like green branches of a bush - I added a few dark iridescent beads as berries.


  1. I love it. To me it is a little abstracty landscape.

  2. Anneliese this itch works so well as an over and under, it really does flow beautifully and as you say the bush and beads finish it off.

  3. Anneliese, very nice sampler!! I love it!
    (and I'm a looser with thi stitch :) did nothing...)

  4. This is an appealing picture, I have no idea what it could be but it is pretty.
    You have been very busy in the week I was away.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful....this suggests tropical magic to me...palm fronds, beach and ocean....great work Anneliese.

  6. I love your under and over and the beads really draw the eye.

  7. A wonderful and colourful design and very nicely stitched!

  8. Hi Anneliese! Are you still there?mvery pretty stitches. I have never heard of bonnet stitch but it is lovely.


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