27 Jun 2012

I started a work which will last for months - small patches of an old secondhand-bought jacket were cut into pieces - it was already a patchwork jacket. So I had no large pieces. I basted the pieces to an uni-coloured fabric of which I thought it would fit all those faded colours of the patches.
I am going to stitch the patches down with embroidery - the stitches which SharonB
posted in 2010 and is posting in 2012 as Tast (Take a stitch Tuesday).

Photos are not so good - I took them with my iPad
I filled already one patch with mostly knotted Cretan stitches.
I was learning them so some are really wonky and not good

This is my second patch. Clockwise I made threaded running stitch, chain cable stitch, oh my,
not vey good just learning to do them
and detached chain stitch

More threaded running stitches


  1. Interesting Anneliese. It will be a lovely piece to showcase your stitch progress as you learn new stitches and develop your skills.

  2. This is looking VERY interesting, Anneliese! Not the least bit " housewifey"!!

  3. What a good idea to combine a recycled patchwork jacket quilt and TAST stitches. Go slow and have fun!

  4. This will keep you busy Anneliese, and will be an exciting piece of clothing. I like to wear things like this from time to time - great talking pieces I find. Will watch the progress with much interest.

  5. I love a good old recycling project. Great idea!

  6. This is a wonderful project and will I am sure become a great family heirloom. Your stitching is very good.


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