22 Jun 2012

Holidays on the island Hvar (Croatia)

We watch the Adriatic sea from our terrace - it is evening

weather was dramatic early in June - good for tourist sailings

passing by

Live-forever or house leek

a lovely little present from a friend in Zagreb, Marina.
I took it to Germany - later on I will take it to France.

means of transportation
it is as old as myself and well known in town

on the "parking lot" behind the "Caffe Pjaca"

at noon - on the way back to prepare the meal
as usually Swiss chard or perpetual spinach and there are more names:
silver beet, leaf beet. We bought it every day on the market, fresh.

We had some good swims in this place, just on the left of the boats.
The sea is extremely clean in Hvar.

Holidays are over - we are leaving. This is a view back.

It is 6:30 in the morning.
We will come again next year.


  1. Your top two photos are beautiful Anneleise-When I was a child (about 60 years ago)and I would see sun rays peeking through clouds like that I would say "God's talking" in fact I still say it today and so do my children and grand children.

  2. It looks like a most beautiful and restful holiday.
    I love the transport!

  3. Wonderful pictures! Looks a beautiful place for a holiday.

  4. What a lovely set of photos! Looks like a very restful place for a holiday. Welcome home though now, I guess?

  5. Hi, Anneliese. What a great vacation and beautiful photos. I love traveling with bloggers!
    best, nadia

  6. What glorious photographs Anneliese. It looks an idyllic place, so pleased you managed some down time in such a beautiful location. Love that bicycle, reminds me of one I used to ride to school as a child. Nice to know you are back home, safe and sound. Cheers.

  7. Love your photos of Hvar Anneliese, the sky is spectacular. That water looks so inviting. They could change the name of the song to "lady ON Red" instead of "lady in red". Hope you dont speed in the town. Those lovely old buildings look interesting.

  8. Lovely photos Anneliese. The water is such a beautiful colour and it looks like a great place for an annual holiday. Glad you enjoyed it. xxx Dianne


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