25 Jun 2012

Cable chain stitch

This is week 25 of Tast2012 of SharonB through Pin Tangle.

I connected - yes I chained, infact cable-chained the little prints
of the commercial fabric, like a puzzle,
added some beads and  tassels which are not longer than 1 cm

my second sample a rather bold one -
I wanted to use the stitch as a filler and needed a contrast colour -
blue soup came to my mind and then blueberries
and because still too serious:
Hot Blueberry Soup in a Cable Chain Bowl 


  1. MMmmm sounds interesting, but it looks good!

  2. This is lovely Anneliese! Hot blueberry soup, eh? Hmmm!!! It LOOKS great. Wonder how it would taste!? Seriously, your stitching is beautiful- so careful!

  3. Nice cable chain stitch. I have yet to tackle this weeks Palestrina Stitch but hope to this evening. I've never tired blueberry soup but my mother occasionally makes Pflaumen Suppe which is a real treat on a cold winter day.

  4. Yum blueberry soup sounds delicious. I would try it with a big blob of clotted cream. Nicely stitched and nicely named.

  5. OH also I love the cable chain abstract piece you did too - very clever.


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